The California Community Collaborative for Developmental Services

The Collaborative provides information and education to the general public about programs and services for people with developmental disabilities in California. We also partner with other community organizations to promote people with developmental disabilities leading fully inclusive lives in the community.

The mission of the Collaborative is to create opportunities for people with developmental disabilities to lead fully inclusive lives and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Nearly 400,000 Californians with developmental disabilities live, study, work, and engage in community life, supported by a partnership between independent non-profit “regional centers” and thousands of local businesses that serve them.

The state is divided into 21 “catchment areas,” or regions, in which a single regional center is responsible for coordinating services. The day-to-day services, including residential, transportation, supported living, adult day program, and medical services, are provided by the businesses across the state dedicated to meeting those needs. The number of individuals served by each center varies significantly, as does the nature of that population, the geography, and the types of challenges facing each community. All services are funded by a roughly equal mix of state and federal dollars.  In 2022-23, the budget for California’s community-based developmental disabilities service system is ~$12 billion.